Christine L. Sundt is clsjewelry.
I am the artist.

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I have been creating and exhibiting jewelry art since the mid-1990s and I continue my involvement in making, documenting, curating, writing, publishing, and being an active member of a number of local and national arts organizations.

My “artist statement” reveals a bit more about the sources and inspirations for my work.

Pieces of metal, faceted or natural stones, fibers, colors, and textures around me are the forces that help me shape and make my jewelry designs. I draw inspiration from other artforms and nature, but seldom start with a fixed idea of what my final design will be. In photographing my creations, I see what eludes my eyes, while providing me with a permanent record of my creativity. Works come together on my bench as elements find each other through proximity, association, and chance.

I enjoy working with precious metals, but cannot resist the possibilities offered by other materials and objects, such as coins, parts from old, discarded jewelry, broken or shattered stone, and anything else that can be put to new or usual uses. I am inclined to produce geometric, highly stylized, and polished pieces, despite the unstructured nature of some of these elements.

An increasingly common feature in my work is the ability to transform the look of the piece in wearing it. The newest among this group are “Bubbly” neckpieces. My rings are often asymmetrical and can be worn on either hand or another finger to produce a different look or perspective, and some of my pendants are two-sided or they double as brooches. Other pendants can be transformed by changing the means of suspension—from a string of pearls to gold or silver chains.

Each piece is a one-of-a-kind creation. Once it is sold, it is not repeated.